Heaven To Earth

A Life Worth Living

Drew Brophy’s Miraculous Near Death and Transformation, an inspiring journey with Drew and Maria Brophy

August 30 to September 6, 2025

Embark on a profound and transformative journey with Maria and Drew, where strength, inspiration, and empowerment await you. Prepare to be deeply moved as they share their personal stories, filled with resilience and triumph. 

Maria’s story will touch your heart as she recounts bidding farewell to Drew through a window, guided by an unyielding spirit that led her to create a miracle. Drew, on the other hand, will take you on an awe-inspiring voyage through his near-death experience, revealing the incredible actions he took to defy the odds.

Their tales will not only captivate your soul but also serve as a reminder of your own inner power. They will ignite a spark within you, reminding you of the precious gift of being present in every moment. Join Maria and Drew on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, and let their experiences inspire and empower you to embrace life’s challenges with unwavering strength.

Drew Brophy is a lifelong professional artist and his paintings are inspired by his passion for surfing and nature. As a child, Drew was immersed in nature as he played in the Carolina Forest in South Carolina. His days were spent surfing, fishing and exploring the woods. Through Drew’s eyes, everything is alive and teeming with a powerful, invisible energy. He paints that energy into his art to show our innate connection to nature and all-that-is.

Drew’s curiosity of weather, solar physics and history led him to explore the wisdom left by previous civilizations. His travels to archeological sites sparked a passion for ancient symbols. Drew’s geometrical paintings are his attempt to interpret the wisdom left behind from ancient cultures.

A Near-Death-Experience in 2021 gave Drew a gift of understanding our purpose; that you are not the body, you are the energy that flows through it. He explains the Truth he was shown as simply:

“There is nothing to fear. There is no death. We are all One. You are the light.”

Website at drewbrophyart.com

Instagram @drewbrophy

Maria Brophy is passionate about empowering others to tap into their intuition and innate power to create a life they love. She’s the author of seven titles, including Amazon bestseller, ART MONEY & SUCCESS. For over twenty five years, Maria has been art agent to Drew Brophy and a business consultant to creative entrepreneurs. Maria has spent her life traveling the world, embracing adventure. Maria loves to practice energy healing and leads meditation sessions. She currently owns an art gallery in Southern California and teaches the business of art through her online courses.


Website at mariabrophy.com
Instagram @mariabrophy

6:30am-8:00am Early-Morning Meditation and/or movement 

8:30am-10am Breakfast 

10:30am-1pm Daily lectures 

1:30pm-3:00pm Lunch 

After lunch free time for swim, relax, optional on board bodywork, lounging, group discussions, 1:1 with Maria & Drew.

Saturday: Meet and Greet

Sunday:  Faith, Community and The Gift of Life: We lived everyone’s worst nightmare during Covid. Being given a 1% chance of living and how messages from spirit led to a miracle. Storytelling with Maria & Drew Brophy

Monday:  Near Death & Becoming One: Drew shares his near death experience and what he was shown on the other side

Tuesday:  Having the Will to Live: Do you have the will to beat the odds that life throws at you? Drew shares what you can do today to strengthen your will to overcome anything.

Wednesday:  The Beauty in the Suffering: Our greatest difficulties broaden the scale of our life experiences. We will explore how to recognize the gift that comes with the suffering that life throws all of us.

Thursday:  Inspired Healing: Everyone who survived the impossible has one thing in common; they followed their intuition and a higher source for guidance. Maria and Drew will explore keeping your loved one alive, seeking alternative therapies to beat the unbeatable odds, and taking responsibility for our own bodies.

Friday:  Q & A

Saturday: disembark in Split after breakfast 

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You will need to fill out our required registration form prior to making your payment. In order to complete the registration form, you will need your passport information and your emergency contact information.

The total cost of the cruise per person is $5,500. Full payment is required by January 01, 2025.

1-Person Package:

Pay $5000 up front (save $500)

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2-Person Package:

Pay $9000 up front (save $1000 each)

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3-Person Package:

Pay $12,000 up front (save $1500 each)
*there are only three triple bed cabins available

OR, pay in three installments:

There are 11 double and 3 triple occupancy cabins for the participants (the rest of the cabins are for our Staff). If you do not have another person joining, we will do our best to pair you with a same-gender person or according to your request.

  • Seven days and seven nights on-board exclusive five star private Yacht accommodations (double- or triple- occupancy cabins)
  • Daily educational programs: Speakers lectures, group yoga, meditation and one-on-one sessions
  • Two wholesome meals (breakfast and 3 course lunch) and non-alcoholic beverages, smoothies and longevity elixirs
  • All from-the-boat activities + guided tours

Not Included in Cost

  • Airfare 
  • Travel insurance 
  • Spa services 
  • Alcoholic beverages

If you are looking for recommendations on where to stay before and after your cruise, we highly recommend booking an Airbnb in Split, Croatia in advance, as they tend to fill up quickly. In terms of hotels, we suggest considering Marriott and Luxe, as they are conveniently located near Split Harbor.